Fortnite's weird inflatable cow disguise is all about aliens

Last month, a big Fortnite leak revealed the existence of a still-unannounced disguise called Inflate-A-Bull. As its name suggests — sort of — the disguise is an inflatable cow costume that players will allegedly be able to deploy whenever they'd like, enabling them to bounce off the ground. Epic has finally teased the existence of that consumable.

The leak surfaced on Twitter late last month; according to data-miner iFireMonkey, the item will be a whole-body suit that, when deployed, will rapidly inflate to surround the player with a cow suit. You allegedly won't be able to use your firearms while wearing the suit and, as you'd expect, other players can ruin the fun by popping your inflatable cow.

Epic still hasn't announced this consumable item, but it has just released a tweet that hints at its existence. As part of its "HotSaucerLeaks" series, the company said, "Cows...why is it always cows with these Aliens?" The tweet didn't include an image or any other details, but given the complete lack of cows in the game, it's hard to imagine it refers to something other than the Inflate-A-Bull.

The tweet indicates that the cow costume may arrive as some sort of utility against the invading aliens — perhaps it is meant to be an actual disguise to hide from alien troops or, given UFO lore, perhaps it is a way for humans to trick aliens into abducting them into their ships. Epic isn't saying either way.

Regardless — and assuming the tweet does indeed refer to the leaked item — it seems likely we'll now get Inflate-A-Bull as an in-game item in the near future. The leaks indicate that players wear it in the place of Back Bling, which may hint at an item you acquire rather than a consumable you find in random spawn, but it's too early to say for sure.

iFireMonkey agrees with this assessment, claiming that we'll get access to the unique item on Tuesday. The data-miner also claims players will need to purchase the Inflate-A-Bull from the Rick Sanchez character found at Satellite locations, indicating it will disappear when this season ends.