Fortnite's new 'The Spy Within' LTM is basically Among Us

Epic Games has launched an entirely new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called 'The Spy Within,' and it revolves around the same general gameplay as hit game Among Us. As you may anticipate, the matches involve unwitting players who are infiltrated by two unknown spies masquerading as teammates — ones tasked with killing as many people as they can without getting caught.Among Us, of course, is the game that spiked in popularity earlier this year, one involving crewmates who complete tasks while attempting to avoid one or more imposters — aliens disguised as crewmates that go around killing people. The players must eliminate the people they think are imposters, potentially getting it wrong and dooming themselves.Fortnite's new The Spy Within LTM is very similar to this, fans have noted. The gameplay involves eight players who are assigned as The Agents; they are tasked with working together to identify the spies and get rid of them (via voting) before The Spies manage to kill everyone.

There are two Spies assigned at the start of the match and they must eliminate the Agents while they complete tasks. Voice chat isn't enabled unless a meeting is called, which can happen whenever someone is suspicious or spots a Spy in action. If the Spies eliminate everyone, they win; if the Agents boot them out first, they win.

There's a new related The Spy Within Challenge Pack that includes new items, including a skate deck and holiday goods, for those who complete the challenges. The LTM is available now, and like all limited-time modes, it'll eventually disappear.