Fortnite's latest update serves up a new grenade and big rocket nerfs

Following a period of downtime in the early morning hours, Fortnite is now back online with a new patch for players to check out. This is yet another content update for version 4.4, and on top of adding a new type of grenade, it also makes some pretty big nerfs to rocket weapons in general. These nerfs have the potential to drastically change the late game, which could end up being a good thing for a lot of players.

Before we get to those nerfs, though, let's take a look at the new weapon: the Stink Grenade. When thrown, the Stink Grenade creates a cloud of gas that does 5 damage every half-second. Considering that the cloud lasts for 9 seconds, you have the potential to do a ton of damage to an opponent if you manage to trap them in an enclosure and detonate a Stink Grenade within it.

Stink Grenades are epic-rarity items, and they can be found in chests, vending machines, and as floor loot. Like most other grenades, they'll drop in stacks of three and have a maximum stack limit of 5. It'll be interesting to watch and see how much the player base ends up using the Stink Grenade, as right now its interactions with structures are a bit unclear. Still, it could end up being a very useful weapon for flushing opponents out of their hiding places.

Rocket Launchers are getting a nerf today, with reload times being increased depending on rarity. On top of that, the max amount of rocket ammo players can carry at once has been capped at 12, which will significantly cut back on the amount of rocket spam we see in the late game. If you've ever made it to the top 10 only to die to what seemed like an endless stream of rockets, then this ammo cap could be great news indeed.

Finally, another limited-time game mode is launching with this patch. Final Fight: Teams of 20 is the name of the game, and matches will play out mostly as they would in a standard BR mode. There's one key difference though, as the storm stops shrinking after the third circle. When that happens, a countdown timer begins, and once it reaches zero, the team with the most remaining players wins.

So, there you have it. Be sure to keep an eye out for Stink Grenades and prepare for a future where rocket spam is far less common. The patch is live now, and you can read the full changelog over on Epic's website.