Fortnite's latest update fixed the game's annoying alien parasite problem

The Fortnite universe has been overtaken by aliens, though they're mostly hanging around in UFOs to abduct people. With the aliens' arrival came one particularly annoying addition to the game: alien parasites, which are exactly what they sound like. While the parasites add a fantastical quality to the story, they're also incredibly annoying for players.

If you've been playing Fortnite over the last few weeks, you've likely encountered the alien parasites. These creatures float around, their eyes boggling at the top of long stems, teeth jutting from their abnormally large mouths.

The parasites spawn from green eggs found in various places on the battle royale island; sometimes you'll come across a parasite that has already attached itself to an animal. When you're infected, the alien bites your character's head, granting you the ability to jump in low gravity but at the cost of considerable amounts of health.

Many players have complained that the amount of health taken by the parasite is too much in contrast to the benefit it offers (the ability to jump higher). Epic has apparently heard these complaints and made an adjustment related to them in the game's latest patch.

Going forward, Epic says alien parasites will be easier to avoid as they will move slower. If one does manage to catch you (or if you get deliberately infected), the parasite will siphon less of your health, ultimately improving the cost-versus-benefits ratio.