Fortnite's latest exclusive skin for Galaxy device owners leaks

It seems that Samsung Galaxy device owners โ€” some of them, at least โ€” are about to get a new exclusive Fortnite skin. The upcoming cosmetic leaked ahead of its official unveiling, revealing yet another galaxy-themed skin unlike any others available to purchase through the Item Shop. The new item appears to be a female version of the skin we saw released back in 2018.

Back in 2018, Samsung teamed up with Epic to introduce an exclusive Fortnite skin that would only be made available to players who purchased select high-end Samsung devices. That release kicked off a bit of a frenzy among players, prompting some people to sign into their Epic accounts using display models in stores in order to get the skin.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Samsung is gearing up to release what appears to be a female variant of that original 2018 Galaxy skin, one featuring a dark body peppered with neon stars and galaxy colors. A leak of the new skin appeared in the Samsung Health app, according to a number of data-miners and game leakers on Twitter.

The skin is apparently called the 'Galaxy Scout,' and the leak indicates that it will be available to players who participate in the "Fortnite Galaxy Cup" tournament. This event will take place on July 25 and July 26 with registration apparently going live tomorrow on Monday, July 20.

Details about this event aren't available โ€” when Samsung Health users click on the in-app banner about the tournament, they're redirected to the main Samsung website. However, the event is expected to only take place on Fortnite Mobile โ€” and, the saddest part, the skin may only be available to players who already own the male variant.