Fortnite's last big Season 6 update brings alien abductions to the island

If you've been playing Fortnite in recent days, you've likely noticed the increasing number of crude barriers appearing on the battle royale island's big POIs. That's because, it turns out, the current season's big event will apparently involve an alien invasion. Among other things, it sure looks like players can soon expect to get abducted in the game.

Epic released its major 16.50 Fortnite update this week, the last major update we'll see in the current Chapter 2 – Season 6. As expected, the initial changes following this update have been small, with the most notable being the return of dual pistols in the game. As well, Fortnite Creative now offers Extra Large Islands for creators.

In bigger news, however, it seems aliens are coming to the Fortnite island. There are the Foreshadowing Challenges that were added in the last big update, ones that we now know involve things like investigating a mysterious black helicopter that crashed to the island, using a CB radio, putting warning signs up at new crop circles, repairing telescopes, and destroying strange TVs.

As well, a leaked animation apparently shows what will happen when players are abducted by aliens in the game. Data-miners have leaked numerous details about this alien invasion, including that the UFOs will appear randomly above the island and abducted players will be moved somewhere else on the island with restored health and shields.

It's unclear whether the alien invasion will itself be the big season finale or whether there's something bigger coming after them. All signs point toward aliens and UFOs being the big theme for the game's upcoming Chapter 2 – Season 7, which is scheduled to arrive in two weeks.