Fortnite's big UI redesign makes it easier to find non-battle royale games

Epic surprised Fortnite players with its most recent game update by implementing a major interface redesign. The company usually leaves these big design changes for new season launches, but that wasn't the case this time around. Among other things, the new interface makes it much easier to find the games you want, especially ones that aren't battle royale.

If you've fired up the game at any point over the past couple of days, you've no doubt encountered the redesigned interface that appears when selecting game modes. The new UI features four tabs that enable users to quickly jump between discovering games to play, accessing the content in your library, creating your own island, or entering an island code without first getting in Creative mode.

Among other things, the new interface also now categorizes games based on which genre they're in — players can, for example, scroll through a banner full of nothing but Deathrun games, adding whichever they like to their library by clicking the 'heart' icon. Other banners show different games and experiences by category, including the stock game modes from Epic (Team Rumble, Squads, and similar).

Games and experiences featured in the new Discovery menu include tags, which present relevant details about each entry and what it offers. Players can use the game tags to view things like what kind of features it may include, as well as a description of the map. Beyond that, players can also pick from a curated Featured section where popular and new games are presented.

The competitive games, meanwhile, are now found in their own Competitive category, which should help players who want to focus on Fortnite's esports experiences. When entering Creative, players will no longer see the 'Play' option, instead matchmaking straight into public lobbies. Players who aren't interested in public lobbies can set Creative to Private mode.