Fortnite's Ariana Grande Rift Tour concert included mini games and XP

Epic's big Fortnite Rift Tour event featuring a virtual version of musical artist Ariana Grande has just wrapped up, giving players their most immersive digital concert experience thus far. During the live event, players were sucked into a rift and introduced to fantastical new interactive worlds, including one full of bouncy buttons and what seemed to be flowing pink hair.

The Rift Tour was exactly what the name suggested: a tour through the 'rift' and into a dimensional wonderland that alternated between players participating in mini-games and activities and following Ariana Grande as her massive virtual counterpart walked up steps and danced in the sky.

A few of the artist's most popular songs were played during this event, each set to different backdrops including outer space, a very pink beach-like scene, a rift-filled interdimensional space with low gravity, and more. Players were able to jump, perform tricks like front flips that aren't ordinarily available, and more.

Unlike some past concerts in the game, the Rift Tour was an interactive event; players were placed on a psychedelic wave of multi-color goo where they surfed at high speed, collecting speed boosts and treasure chests. As well, players were able to fight the Storm King from an airplane and, finally, ride around llamas, collecting XP from rainbow rings.

Though this wasn't the first concert presented in Fortnite, it was perhaps the most ambitious, giving players a multi-sensory experience that was both passive and interactive at varying times. Questions remain over whether or how this event may tie into the wider storyline for this season, but it seems likely this was simply a break from the fighting for some entertainment.