Fortnitemares Halloween 2020 event may include a zombie Midas

Every year since the launch of its hit battle royale game, Epic Games has launched a "Fortnitemares" event in October to celebrate the spooky Halloween season. Previously Fortnitemares have included the arrival of rift monsters in the battle royale portion of the game, as well as rewards that included things like new creepy styles for previously released characters. This year's Fortnitemares event may include, among other things, the return of a popular character.

Every Fortnite Battle Royale player is familiar with Midas, the character with the gold touch who ushered in the widespread devastation and island changes in Chapter 2. The character was joined by henchmen and it played an important role in the game, including shaping a major plot in the overall battle royale storyline.

The Midas character was included as part of a previous Battle Pass, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the character return in a new form — though whether that means in the game or simply with a new skin style is yet to be seen. Such potentialities were made clear in a recent leak from Fortnite data miners HYPEX, who tweeted on Friday evidence of zombie henchmen and some kind of Midas return.

The leak indicates that Midas will return in the game as an NPC with boss-tier shields and that his Ghost Henchmen will return with the form of 'ghosts,' indicating some kind of undead arrival to coincide with the Halloween season. This temporary arrival in the game wouldn't be surprising at all — the characters are part of the established universe and bringing them back as the undead would be a theme-consistent reason for Midas to make an appearance in the current season.

Of course, and as with any leak, it is entirely possible that Midas will not return to the game or such a future arrival may not play out the way we expect. These data miner-sourced leaks have been consistently fruitful, however, with a solid record of accurate predictions, so it's likely safe to get excited about the possibility, if nothing else.