Fortnitemares 2020 may bring back Husks, but with a twist

It seems that Epic will bring the Husks (its term for the 'Rift monsters') back yet again for its annual Fortnitemares event, but with a twist. That assumption is based on a new leak from game data-miner Mang0e who recently shared an audio clip of these upcoming enemies. The audio reveals spawn sounds for the zombies, but it isn't quite the same as before.

The game's monstrous Husks previously underwent a bit of a change, with Epic ditching the lumbering hordes in favor of the 'jump scare' version, as players call them. These monsters appear at random when certain objects are destroyed, catching the players off guard and forcing them to quickly fight off the zombie.

During past Fortnitemares, Epic brought the lumbering version of the Husks into the Battle Royale game mode, something that wasn't popular with all players. The biggest complaint is that the time it took to destroy the spawn location was extensive, enabling loads of monsters to spawn and often resulting in the player's death.

This latest leak from Mang0e suggests that the Husks will be returning, but that they won't be quite the same as we previously saw. The reason is due to the audio change, with the data-miner noting that Epic updated the monster cube spawn locations with a new sound file in its most recent 14.30 game update.

Perhaps Epic is taking player feedback and implementing some changes this year, making the zombies a bit more important during this upcoming Fortnitemares event, but without the same problem of massive hordes. The event hasn't been announced yet, but is expected to arrive in Fortnite any day now.