Fortnite x Walking Dead is yet another crossover and it arrives next week

Epic has announced yet another crossover heading to the Fortnite battle royale universe, this one involving AMC's hit zombie franchise The Walking Dead. You won't have to wait long to get access to these new skins and related fun โ€” it's scheduled to go live on December 16.

A theme with the newly released Season 5 is the arrival of 'hunters' in the Fortnite universe, ones seemingly acquired by Agent Jonesy as he trips into different dimensions. We've seen multiple popular 'hunters' already arrive, including Master Chief from the Halo universe, Kratos the God of War, and, of course, the Mandalorian.

Epic has announced that Michonne and Daryl from The Walking Dead will be the next hunters added to the game, and they'll arrive in the Item Shop on December 16. The characters were revealed in a teaser trailer as part of The Game Awards.

The video involves the two characters shooting zombies when Jonesy suddenly drops in front of them, pulling out his energy device and beaming both with him back to the battle royale island. What remains unclear is whether there will be any sort of destination or LTM related to the TWD universe, or if this is merely the addition of some skins.

Amid all of this is the all-but-firmly-confirmed Predator crossover that will take place in the game's walled Stealthy Stronghold destination. Epic has heavily teased this upcoming crossover with the addition of vehicles from the movie, as well as an audio transmission teasing a Predator roar, as well as the date the movie was released.