Fortnite x Uniqlo collaboration revealed: Here's what we know

Japanese clothing company Uniqlo has teamed up with Epic Games to offer apparel related to battle royale game Fortnite, the game developer has revealed. The collaboration is being teased by the two companies at this time; it follows the Fortnite x Jordan collaboration that was launched in May and the more recent Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover.

Epic Games revealed the collaboration on the official Fortnite Twitter account on Thursday, July 25, at around 4:30PM ET. The company released a llama image with the text 'Fortnite + UT,' as well as a fire emoji and the ominous phrase, 'Coming soon.' No other information was provided, however.

The teaser has appeared ahead of the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Finals and it's a safe bet that Epic will reveal more information about the collaboration at that time. A huge number of people will be watching the Finals, making it a prime time for Epic to take the wraps off whatever Uniqlo has cooked up.

Uniqlo will likely start selling a variety of Fortnite-themed clothing later this year, but the companies are staying quiet about the product's in the pipeline. The big question is whether we'll see Uniqlo products make their way into the game or if this collaboration will be limited to Fortnite products at the retailer.

Epic already offers its own line of Fortnite merchandise through the website. The content includes a variety of ballcaps, t-shirts, hoodies, skateboard decks, figurines, plushies, POP! toys, keychains, harvesting tools, and more. The presence of the 'UT' on Epic's tweet indicates fans can expect a line of Fortnite graphic tees from Uniqlo.