Fortnite x Marvel leak all but confirms Season 4 plan (plus Midas fish)

Just days after a known data-miner claimed that Fortnite may get a full and complete Marvel universe crossover in Season 4, a streamer who has a secret source that dropped all of the Season 3 details before release is back with (alleged) confirmation of this plan. According to a new video from the streamer, Epic has indeed teamed up with Marvel for a superhero (and villain) takeover of the battle royale island, plus there's a mention of Midas fish.

The original leak came from data-miner and Twitter user HYPEX, who suggested earlier this week that Epic may introduce a Marvel crossover in Season 4. Following that is a short video from game streamer Tabor Hill, who you perhaps remember as the guy who revealed a ton of details about the then-upcoming Season 3, including the sharks, how they worked, and the fact that the island would be flooded.

According to Hill, he received all of the details for Season 3, but chose to withhold some of that information to avoid spoiling too much. Now he says that he is back with a new Fortnite leak, this time all but confirming that the aforementioned Marvel tip is (allegedly) true. He isn't providing many details this time despite knowing them, however, pointing out that many people attacked him previously over how much he revealed about Season 3.

In addition, Hill claims that he was previously told about new fish that are coming to Fortnite, but that he 'dumbed it down' to prevent revealing too much. This time around, he's taking the wraps off one of these alleged new fish, something that will supposedly be based off Season 3's Midas character.

The alleged Midas Fish hasn't been leaked by any of the data-miners, so Hill is here to reveal the details. According to the Streamer, he feels fine explaining this fish because Epic itself revealed that Midas will return to the game. The fish will be 'ultra-rare,' the leak claims, and it'll require a special rod to catch. Eating the fish will supposedly turn all of the player's weapons to Legendary tier.