Fortnite x Marvel crossover may be planned for Season 4

It seems almost inevitable at this point that Fortnite will get a proper crossover with a superhero universe given how many related characters we've seen over the past couple of seasons. Players had access to Deadpool last season, Aquaman this season, and there's a rumor that we'll see Wolverine next month. A new tip suggests this may be more than a single-skin offering, however, instead representing a complete Marvel crossover.Fortnite players are quite familiar with crossovers at this point — we've seen everything from TV shows, movies, and fictional universes arrive in the game, some only in the Item Shop, others as relatively mild in-game elements (such as with Stranger Things — and some far more extreme, including the Batman city takeover and the multi-week Star Wars crossover.

Things haven't been quite as extreme as that Star Wars crossover in Chapter 2, but that may change in Season 4. Game data-miner HYPEX recently shared on behalf of a trusted source that Epic allegedly considered a full Marvel theme for Season 4, though it's unclear whether it is moving ahead with that (alleged) plan.

The tweets come around the same time the account tipped the alleged upcoming possibility of a Wolverine skin in Season 4, though it was unclear whether it would be a Battle Pass skin or just something offered in the Item Shop. This latest tip suggests players may see a bigger crossover akin to the aforementioned Star Wars event, only with Marvel superheroes instead — but that, of course, remains in the realm of speculation at this point.

The big question now is: will players enjoy a full Marvel takeover of the battle royale island? At one point in time the answer would have likely been 'yes,' but the constant presence of various superheroes for no apparent reason (Deadpool didn't coincide with a movie, leaving fans wondering why he was in the game) has grown tiresome for some players who say they want something fresher going forward.