Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration teased in game code

It looks like a Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration is finally happening, at least based on game code found in one of the most recent Fall Guys update. The data indicates that this won't be a major crossover in the vein of past Star Wars tie-ins in Fortnite, but it will likely bring some fun new skins featuring popular characters.

The details come from "FNLeaksAndInfo" on Twitter, where the account shared some text found in the latest Fall Guys content system. A total of five strings are detailed, each labeled with Fortnite followed by a major battle royale skin apparently coming to Fall Guys.

The listed characters include the iconic Fortnite llama, as well as the popular Cuddle Team Leader. Also listed are the Bunny Brawler, Ripley, and Peely the banana. These will, based on the leak, likely be Fortnite-themed skins made available in Fall Guys.

The leaker speculates that the inclusion of 'Bunny Brawler' means the collaboration may take place around Easter, but there's no way to know at this point. Also uncertain is whether Fortnite will also get some Fall Guys skins in its own game.

No other game leakers have shared additional information about this teaser, so it remains to be seen whether it proves true. Assuming an Easter release proves true, that means any potential Fortnite collaboration would arrive in the battle royale game's sixth season.