Fortnite x Dune crossover arrives days ahead of movie premiere

Fornite's next big crossover involves the new Dune movie, which is set to hit theaters and the HBO Max streaming service in a couple of days. The movie's two main characters have arrived on the battle royale island alongside related emotes and other goods, giving fans of both products the chance to bring the two together.

The crossover isn't a big one, at least in comparison to some past Fortnite crossovers involving Marvel and DC. Players can grab the Dune characters Chani and Paul Atreides as skins in the Fortnite Item Shop. There's also some other gear, plus an emote, based on the popular science fiction movie.

The Paul Atreides outfit comes with a masked style variant. Joining the skins is the Ornithopter Glider, which is based on the movie's multi-winged combat ship, plus there's the Fremkit Back Bling, Chani's Satchel Back Bling, Twinblade Pickaxe based on the Atreides warriors' weapons, and the Maker Hooks Pickaxe based on the item used to ride sandworms.

Speaking of sandworms, Epic has had some fun with this crossover — notice the sandworm for the Fortnite island is based on the Fishstick character for a fun twist on the fantasy creature. The Fishstick sandworm is featured in the video below, which shows the Sand Walk emote.

Finally, the crossover comes with a new Dune loading screen (featured in the image above), including the two characters, the Battle Bus, and the Fishstick sandworm. Head over to Fortnite's Item Shop to grab the gear now. Dune the movie, meanwhile, will premiere on October 22 in the US, including on IMAX screens and the HBO Max streaming service.