Fortnite Winterfest 2020 event leak hints at unique change

Epic is expected to soon introduce Winterfest 2020, its latest version of the event it releases every winter. The company hasn't officially unveiled this year's makeover, but as you'd expect, we've seen some leaks surface — and one of them reveals a big, unique change to how the environment will work.Fortnite data miners spend large amounts of time picking through the game's files in search of hints about what is to come, including potential weapon additions and island changes. One such data miner goes by 'Mang0e' on Twitter, and they've published two big discoveries related to the upcoming Winterfest 2020.

The first one indicates that Epic will introduce a new dynamic involving ice, one that potentially builds upon the upgrades we've seen with fire. As you likely remember, fire used to be very limited in Fortnite, but it has since become quite dynamic and can burn down entire houses.

The leak above indicates that we may see some sort of ice dynamic that is similar, though it's unclear how it will function — will players be able to melt ice with fire or spray water to create ice? The game asset also mentions 'Electricity,' so it will be fun to see what Epic has cooked up.

In addition to the ice update leak, the same account has also leaked the trailer for this year's Winterfest update, which indicates that planes will return to the game. The leak also shows a beefy snowman skin, some type of winter weapon, and it hints at legendary-tier Supply Drops.