Fortnite will add the Ferrari 296 GTB sports car: What we know

Tomorrow, July 22, Epic Games will add an entirely new vehicle to its hit battle royale game: the Ferrari 296 GTB. The crossover was announced by Ferrari, which shared the same teaser image as Epic via the official Fortinte Twitter account. Though Fortnite has been home to a number of crossovers, some more substantial than others, this marks the first time an automotive brand has marketed in the game.

The same teaser image (above) has been shared by Ferrari, its Ferrari eSports Twitter account, and on the Fortnite Twitter account. Though Epic doesn't have anything to say about the teaser, Ferrari did drop some brief details, namely that the real-life sports car will arrive in the fictional battle royale universe on July 22.

Because details are lacking, it's unclear whether we can expect an existing car (the Whiplash, likely) to get a makeover with a Ferrari 296 GTB skin or if Epic has developed an entirely new vehicle model based on the sports car for this crossover. The latter seems most likely given the high-profile nature of Ferrari and how odd it may seem to retrofit a generic sports car model with the luxury vehicle.

The image doesn't show us the entire car, but does reveal a few details: there's the Battle Bus in the sports car's shiny, polished exterior, of course, plus the tires say Fortnite beneath the treads. The iconic Ferrari emblem is visible on what appears to be the car's front fender, plus — quite obviously — the car will debut in the game with a bright red shade.

It's hard to tell how extensive this crossover will be. There's the possibility that the Ferrari 296 GTB will usher in a Fortnite racing event, for example, or that Epic may add showrooms for the vehicle in the game — though that latter possibility seems like it would be a bit out of touch with the general style and wider nature of the title. Perhaps this crossover won't be so dramatic and Ferrari is, one could speculate, simply jealous that Epic's generic Whiplash vehicle is clearly inspired by Lamborghini.