Fortnite version 12.50 update detailed: Here's what to expect

It's that time again — Epic has announced plans for another Fortnite update, one that will arrive on Wednesday, April 29. Contrary to the original plans, this won't be the final update in the game's second season; the release of Season 3 has been delayed until early June. This update will bring new changes to the existing season, though some details are still missing.

Epic often releases Fortnite updates on Tuesday or Thursday, but this week will bring one of the more rare Wednesday updates. The company dropped the downtime details in a tweet today, stating that the update will drop at 2AM ET / 11PM PT tonight. As expected, you'll need to download and install the update to continue playing.

The update brings speculation over what Epic has planned — it, of course, hasn't provided those details ahead of the drop and it no longer publishes patch notes. With that said, a number of leaks have hinted at what players may get, one of which is the fabled 'Arsenic' Limited Time Mode, which we've been hearing about unofficially for weeks now.

Based on details found by data-miners in game files, 'Arsenic' may be a codename and the actual game mode may be called Infected LTM. Assuming the leaks are accurate, this mode may feature two different teams of players, one compromised of infected players who are the 'zombies' and the other half who play as the zombie slayers. None of this has been confirmed, however.

Data-miner HYPEX also recently tipped the potential arrival of a new shotgun codenamed 'Charge Athena' that will be available in all rarities. There's also the anticipation that Epic will add silenced dual pistols to the battle royale game, but that is yet to be seen, as well.