Fortnite v7.30 patch notes: Bottle Rockets, Environmental Campfires

It's Tuesday morning, and as usual, a new update has arrived for Fortnite. Just as Epic was teasing yesterday, this new update adds Bottle Rockets to the game, which seem to be particularly effective at sieging enemy structures. Players will also want to keep an eye out for Environmental Campfires as well, which will now dot the map and offer some healing on the fly.

First though: Bottle Rockets. These uncommon items can be found in stacks of two from floor loot, chests, vending machines, Supply Llamas, and drops, so you'll encounter them fairly frequently. They're actually a thrown item too – throw them on the ground facing enemy structures and they'll fire off a whopping 45 rockets. Check out the Bottle Rockets in action in the video below.

For as powerful as Bottle Rockets seem, there are some drawbacks. Once they're thrown, they're stationary, so it seems like opponents can move to safety with ease. They deal 10 player damage and 40 structure damage per explosion as well, so it's going to take a few hits to do any significant damage. Finally, each player can only have two Bottle Rockets active at a time, so you won't be able to unleash a full stack of six on enemies all at once.

Next up we've got Environmental Campfires, which appear as props on the world map. You've probably already encountered a few of these in your games, but now they can be lit by interacting with them. After that, they'll function just as a regular campfire would, healing two health per second over 25 seconds for nearby players. Environmental Campfires can only be used once, so if you encounter one that doesn't have wood in it, you know someone has already been there.

This week's limited-time game mode is Wild West Duos, which limits the pool of weapons and items to only include things like Hunting Rifles and Dynamite. We've seen this mode before, but this time around, Epic says that it's increased the chances of Slurp Juice dropping from Supply Drops and has added both the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun. Epic also announced that this update kicks off a new schedule for limited-time modes, which will now rotate every few days instead of once a week.

There are, as always, some miscellaneous changes coming along with this update, which you can read about in Epic's full patch notes. Fortnite's v.7.30 content update is live now, so apply it and see if you can rain some destruction down upon your opponents with Bottle Rockets.