Fortnite v19.10 update brings back Tilted Towers, introduces giant Klombos

Fortnite was updated to version 19.10 today, and it seems this patch is a big one. Not only does this update add giant, scaleable beasts called Klombos to the game, but we're also seeing the return of a fan-favorite point-of-interest with Tilted Towers. Yes, it seems the rumors were true and Tilted Towers is returning, so get ready for that to be a popular drop location once more.

Epic Games explains that Klombos are "enormous" yet "completely peaceful" creatures in a blog post about the update today. Players can walk up their tails to get to the blowholes on their backs, which will launch them high into the sky and give them new traversal or escape options.

While Klombos won't mind players climbing up them, attacking them is another matter entirely. With their large size, we're guessing that they'll get caught in the crossfire at least a few times but angered Klombos can be calmed by dropping Klomberries for them to eat. You'll find Klmoberries on bushes that dot the island, and feeding several of them to a Klombo will make it drop items. You can also eat Klomberries yourself to gain effective HP.

Epic also revealed today that the ice on the map has thawed enough to fully uncover Tilted Towers once more. This should more or less be the same point of interest that we remember it as, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of hot drops and early deaths happening at Tilted Towers now that it's back.

In addition to introducing Klombos and reintroducing Tilted Towers, this update also takes the Grenade Launcher out of the vault. It isn't returning to the game in the same form as before, though, as Epic has made some tweaks to it. The company says that projectiles will now explode after bouncing once and that the Grenade Launcher, in general, will "fire more directly at your target."

There are also several major bug fixes in this update, including a fix for an issue that interrupted Spider-Man's web-shooters when swinging onto web bouncers. Epic has also fixed an issue that surfaced a "Network Connection Lost" error when trying to join games as a spectator, so you can finally watch other games again. Healing when resting at a Tent has also been fixed and reimplemented, while campfires will now heal players consistently.

Finally, Epic recapped some of the balance adjustments that were shipped out in a hotfix last week. If you missed word of those fixes originally, then you should know that the Auto Shotgun has had its reload speed increased, while the MK-Seven Assault Rifle and Stinger SMG have both seen damage reductions – though Epic says the reduction on the Assault Rifle was only a slight decrease.

Update version 19.10 is live now in Fortnite, so apply it and go find some Klombos. They shouldn't be too difficult to find given their size, but be sure to check your fire around them if you don't have any Klomberries on hand.