Fortnite v15.40 update detailed: Epic teases four big changes

It's that time again — Epic has another Fortnite update in the pipeline and it is scheduled to arrive early tomorrow morning. Update version 15.40 will bring a number of changes, four of which Epic has revealed early. Players can expect new weapons and the return of an old favorite, as well as some removals from Creative among other things.

Epic first detailed the Fortnite update on the game's Twitter account, revealing that the patch will arrive at the usual 4 AM EST (09:00 UTC) time on February 16. Following that, the company revealed some of the changes that'll drop in 15.40.

Among other things, players can expect a 'favorite' older weapon to be unvaulted and brought back to the game — though Epic didn't say which one it will be. As well, characters are getting additional Exotic weapons in their stockpile to increase your odds of being able to acquire one for yourself.

Likewise, update 15.40 will bring two Limited Time Modes, both player-favorites that we've seen before: Floor is Lava and Air Royale. The details didn't stop there, with Epic saying in yet another tweet that this update will also remove some 'unreleased assets and props' that are in use with some Creative islands.

Though that's the extent of the information from Epic, the next Fortnite update is also expected to bring some bug fixes (as specified on the Trello board), including issues with purple XP coins, a matchmaking issue, players seeing '0' bars listed during a match, and more.