Fortnite v10.20 patch notes reveal the Shield Bubble

Another Tuesday has arrived, which means another batch of Fortnite patch notes. We're getting another new item today, and instead of dealing out damage, this new item is all about playing defense. It's called the Shield Bubble, and it gives you a place to take refuge from gunfire and explosives. It isn't entirely impenetrable though, so even when taking cover within it, you're not completely safe.

Epic says that the Shield Bubble is a rare item that can be found in floor loot, chests, supply drops, and vending machines. When used, it'll create a "large bubble that blocks projectiles and explosives." That bubble lasts for 30 seconds, giving your team an opportunity to heal up and regroup before getting back into the fight.

However, while you'll be safe from bullets and explosives, players can still pass through its barrier. That means you'll need to be ready for enemies to push into the bubble shield and fight up close. The emitter that generates the shield has 400 HP and once it's destroyed, the shield disappears, so you'll want to make sure you protect that at all costs.

Epic also recapped its recent BRUTE changes in this week's patch notes, in which it nerfed the rideable mechs significantly. Though they haven't been removed from the game entirely as some players would like, they should be far less overpowered now, and considering some of the changes to spawn rates Epic has made, you may not see any BRUTES at the beginning of the match at all.

In addition to all of this, Epic has re-added the Junk Rift to all game modes after removing it to fix some issues. It's also stuck the Storm Flip, Drum Gun, and Storm Scout Sniper Rifle in the vault, so we're saying goodbye to those weapons for the time being. For more on this week's update, check out Epic's full patch notes on the official Fortnite site.