Fortnite update v11.30 delivers split-screen mode for consoles

Eric Abent - Dec 12, 2019, 9:11 am CST
Fortnite update v11.30 delivers split-screen mode for consoles

A new Fortnite update landed today, bringing the game to version 11.30. Though Epic doesn’t usually publish extensive Fortnite patch notes these days, it did let us know what’s shipping along with this update in particular. Chief among the additions is a new split-screen mode for those playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Yes, if you’re one of the many who lament the fact that split-screen multiplayer has seemingly fallen out of favor with major publishers, then this is good news indeed. Epic says that split-screen will work in Duos and Squads mode, but it sounds like it only supports two players. The company also notes that this is an early implementation of the feature, so players might encounter bugs (which they’re encouraged to report through the in-game feedback tool) as they use it.

With the arrival of version 11.30, players can now see what’s in the item shop from mobile devices. This is done using the Party Hub – all you need to do is open up the Hub on your device, swipe to the right, and then select “preview items.” It doesn’t sound like you can purchase items from the shop using the Party Hub just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see that kind of functionality implemented at some point down the road.

Epic had also increased the daily gifting limit from 3 to 5 items, so if you’re the type of person who routinely gifts friends Fortnite items, you can now do that even more frequently. The in-game ammo indicator has been given a visual overhaul, and players can now choose when to transition from the “eliminated by” screen to the end-of-match XP screen.

Finally, Epic says that this patch includes preparations for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker live event that’s happening this weekend. The event, in which a scene from the movie will be shown in-game at Risky Reels, is set to go down on Saturday, December 14th at 2 PM ET. Check out Epic’s full patch notes for v11.30 over on the official Fortnite website for more on the update.

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