Fortnite update 16.20 arrives tomorrow with big Creative and car changes

It's that time of the week — Epic is about to release another Fortnite update. The game update version 16.20 will arrive in the early hours tomorrow morning, bringing some welcomed bug fixes in addition to some big changes. Though we still aren't getting patch notes for the updates, Epic has teased a few of the tweaks it has planned.Fortnite update 16.20 will arrive tomorrow, April 13, at 2 AM EST (0600 UTC); you'll be able to play once you install the patch. Once installed, the update will bring a few notable changes, according to Epic, including an exciting change for players who prefer Creative mode: 50-player matchmaking.

In addition, Epic teases that players will get the chance to 'sharpen those bow skill and focus up,' though it's unclear whether that refers to the Duos Cup it has planned or if there will be a new LTM focused on the bow weapons.

Beyond that, Epic also notes that update 16.20 will enable players to choose wheel designs for vehicles. It's unclear how this change will take place as the company didn't elaborate. Presumably, the new wheel designs will be offered at cosmetics similar to the vehicle wraps players can currently unlock and purchase.

Though Epic didn't detail any other changes beyond these three things, we know the next update will bring a number of bug fixes, as well. The company recently posted on its Trello board a note that fixes for multiple Quest tracking issues will arrive in the next update, among other things.