Fortnite update 15.20 arrives tomorrow: What to expect

A day later than expected, Epic has confirmed plans to release Fortnite update 15.20 on Wednesday with downtime starting in the early morning hours. As with previous downtime announcements, the company hasn't provided any details on what players can expect from this update, but there are a few changes players anticipate seeing.

According to Epic, players can expect downtime to start at 4AM ET / 1AM PT on January 13 for the update. You won't be able to play during the downtime, though it doesn't last long. Once the downtime ends, you'll need to download and install the update to get back into the action.

The update date and time are Epic's usual when it comes to Fortnite — and as expected, the company hasn't revealed what it has planned. We can anticipate some changes that are likely to arrive, however, based on recent glitches, the Fortnite Trello bug board, and some leaks.

We recently saw a leak claiming that Epic has some new Exotic weapons in the pipeline, at least based on data in the game update files. One Exotic weapon is called the 'Run Gun SMG,' which is expected to make players run faster when they're using the weapon. Another Exotic is called the 'Freeze AR,' which hits players with a Chiller Trap effect.

As well, we're still waiting for the likely Predator crossover at Stealthy Stronghold, which is all but confirmed based on both leaks and Epic's own teasing posts. It's unclear whether this crossover will arrive with tomorrow's update, but it seems more likely every update given how far into the season we are.

Beyond that, we can likely expect some new bug fixes and potentially weapon tweaks based on feedback.