Fortnite Turbo Build change: Two things players should know

Following speculation about the change, Epic Games confirmed today that it reverted its highly controversial Turbo Build adjustment introduced in Fortnite update version 10.20. The initial change arrived less than two days ago and involved a tweak that adjusted turbo building speeds from 0.05s to 0.15s, much to the frustration of many players. Though that speed adjustment has been reversed, there are two changes players should be aware of.

For those who missed the drama, here's the short version: Epic released a Fortnite update this week that changed the delay that exists when placing build items like walls in the battle royale game. The original speed was 0.05 seconds, but it was changed to 0.15 seconds. Players were not happy, including a number of high-profile streamers.

Heavy criticism had its intended effect and Epic quickly reverted this change — the speed is back to 0.05 seconds. This means players will still be able to pull off the rapid moves they've become accustomed to, things like rapidly placing walls while spinning to guard against surprise attacks.

In its update on the matter, Epic said it has made two other changes to Turbo Build. For starters, there is now a 0.15-second delay between when a structure is destroyed and when a new structure can be built in the same spot. That's a very small, but perceptible, delay.

As well, Epic says that if two or more players try to build a new structure in the same spot at the same time after the original structure has been destroyed, the game will now use a 'random roll' to determine which player gets to place a structure on the spot. This change is intended to reduce the effect poor ping has on which player gets to drop the first structure in place.

According to Epic, these two changes will ultimately prevent players from spamming walls in the same spot against an incoming attack, such as when an opponent has a minigun and uses it to shred a base, and will reduce the impact of ping during build battles.