Fortnite Supercharged weekend makes a surprise return with extra XP

Epic Games has brought back its Supercharged power-leveling weekend for a second time in a row, giving players more than enough opportunities to rake in as much XP as possible. As with previous weeks, players will need to make sure they log in at some point during the power-leveling weekend to enable the Supercharged bonus.Fortnite's Supercharged weekend applies an XP multiplier that awards more points for eliminations, opening chests, and other activities that award XP. This results in leveling up to new tiers at a faster rate, particularly if the player completes Punchcards and daily challenges with high XP rewards.

Some players were concerned at the start of Chapter 2 – Season 8 that too much grinding would be required to get enough points for completing the Battle Pass. Epic had said back in September that it would address the XP concerns, leading to an adjustment. On top of that, this season has brought a huge number of daily challenges in addition to the new character Punchcards, enabling players to rake in more than 50k XP per completed card by performing simple tasks.

Combined with the Supercharged multiplier weekends, many players have already unlocked all of the Battle Pass items, opening the Bonus Rewards that, generally speaking, cost considerably more Battle Stars than the initial Battle Pass rewards.

Fortnite players need to log into their game account at some point before November 1 at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET in order to get the Supercharged multiplier. Players can tell when the multiplier has been applied to their account by looking for the "Supercharged" label above the XP bar at the bottom of the screen during matches.