Fortnite streamer Ninja announces new live competition on Mixer

Massively popular Fortnite streamer Ninja has announced a new competition that will be live-streamed on his relatively new digital home Mixer. The competition will involve 60 top and otherwise well-known Fortnite players, as well as a $400,000 prize pool. Fans were given very little notice about the event — it'll start tomorrow, May 28.

Ninja — real name Tyler Blevins — is the most popular streamer in the world. His fanbase largely knows him for his streaming of hit battle royale game Fortnite, though he does stream other games, as well. Ninja has a unique distinction among streamers — he got his own special skin in Fortnite.

In a tweet today, Ninja said that Mixer will stream a live competition called "Ninja Battles" that will start tomorrow, May 28 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET. There will be a total of six events in what is described as a Fortnite online invitational tournament. Every event will feature an $80,000 prize pool.

Though additional information wasn't provided, entertainment website Deadline reports that the competition will feature a number of popular streamers, including Bugha, NateHill, NickEh30, Ewok, and others. As expected given the current state of things, every participant will play and stream from the safety of their own homes.

Every competition will be joined by live commentary from casters MonsterDface and BallaTW. This is ultimately a big moment for Mixer, which first nabbed Ninja from competitor Twitch and is now, with tomorrow's kickoff, broadcasting its first series from the streamer.