Fortnite Spring Breakout event kicks off with rewards and new skins

Today marks the start of Fortnite's Spring Breakout, a 'quacktastic' time to mark the change of the season. This is the first time Epic has introduced a spring event in the game and, as you'd expect, it comes with new rewards to unlock, a competition, and new themed skins in the Item Shop — including deadly bunnies and robotic ducks.

Spring Breakout brings new quests that, when completed, reward the player with new items, including a Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe. As well, Epic is bringing back its Egg Launcher weapon — but this time around, players can also forage for consumable eggs on the item to get a hopping boost.

As for the competitive aspect of the new event, players also have the opportunity to participate in the Spring Breakout Cup on April 2; Epic says this has temporarily replaced the 'Friday Night Bragging Rights' competitions. Duos teams can compete in 10 matches over three hours in an effort to win the Webster Outfit and its Mecha Feathers Back Bling.

As expected, you'll need to have two-factor authentication turned on to participate in the competition. Likewise, Epic says your account must be at level 30 or higher to participate.

On a different note, Epic has also released some foldable paper masks you can download and make at home, including 'Stella,' 'Rabbit Raider,' and 'Webster.' If you're not into masks, there are also mini-foldables, including the Bun Bun, Nitehare, and Cluck. Head over to Epic's blog post here to download the guides.