Fortnite Season 9 instant death spot hits players near Neo Tilted

Beware Fortnite players: the hit battle royale game's new season has brought another 'instant death' spot with it. Players discovered the instant death location near the most popular addition to the game so far, the modern remake of Tilted Towers called Neo Tilted. As before, players are lured to this spot by the loot left from previously eliminated players.

Instant death spots have become a troublesome bug in Fortnite's battle royale mode — you can't see them, hear them, or avoid them unless you know where they're located. These spots are entirely random, usually appearing after an update and persisting until Epic releases a fix. Players who enter the spot are instantly eliminated.

Thus far, these instant death spots have appeared in relatively obscure locations — there hasn't been one in a high-traffic region (yet). However, players span the map and it doesn't take long before some unfortunate soul finds an instant death spot, leaving behind a pile of loot and ruined game.

The spots quickly turn into a trap, though, as other nearby players spot the random pile of loot lying on the ground. When they go to retrieve the loot, these players are also eliminated, causing the loot pile to grow. Each additional player who falls victim adds to the cache, resulting in a mass of weapons and consumables that no one can gather.

New insta kill spot outside of Neo-Tilted from r/FortNiteBR

The video above, which was recently shared on the FortniteBR subreddit, shows the instant death spot -- it's located just off the side of a mountain southeast of Neo Tilted. Players who attempt to slide down into the ravine from the cliff will be instantly eliminated if they're unlucky enough to hit the instant death spot.