Fortnite season 8 brings back Cubes and they're ruining everything

With the wrap-up of Fortnite season 7 over the weekend, Epic today kicked off season 8. The alien mothership may be gone, but the Cubes that powered it have made crash landings onto Fortnite's map. Now they're causing all kinds of havoc, corrupting the land around where they settled and opening portals to a place called the Sideways.

With all that in mind, it probably won't come as a surprise to learn that Fortnite chapter 2, season 8, has been named "Cubed." In addition, there are some interesting twists to the standard Fortnite formula arriving in season 8, as mechanics in the new season will have players facing off in wave-based game modes and even working together to secure Fortnite's map against the invading Cube Monsters.

Specifically, players will encounter locations that are "ensnared by the Sideways" in each match, but the Cubes will also spawn Sideways Anomalies that will pull players in if they get too close. Once you're in, you'll need to face off against waves of Cube Monsters in a low-gravity dimension where building is not allowed. Survive, and you'll get Sideways Weapons and new crafting ingredients.

Sideways Weapons seem to have special abilities if you let them charge into a superpowered state, so it sounds like they can be pretty deadly if you can find downtime in combat to let them rev up. Players will also have to work together to build up the island's defenses, with Epic saying that the entire Fortnite community will need to team up "to build turret stations, to decide which new weapons to bring to the island, which favorites to unvault, and more throughout the season."

It sounds like season 8 will be a rather ridiculous season, and of course, there's an equally zany battle pass to go along with it. This season's battle pass features skins such as Marvel's Carnage, a customizable Toona Fish, and a ripped unicorn named Fabio Sparklemain. You can check out the contents of the battle pass in the trailer above, but otherwise, download the update that's available now and jump into Fortnite season 8.