Fortnite Season 7 taps Superman to fight off an alien invasion

A new Fortnite season has begun, and while last season did away with advanced technology to return us to our primal roots, it looks like tech is back on the menu for Season 7. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 is dubbed Invasion, and as that name suggests, aliens have invaded Fortnite's world. We'll be teaming up with some big-name characters to fight them off, including the biggest superhero of them all: Superman.

The trailer for Season 7, which we've embedded below, certainly has an Independence Day vibe to it as we see a massive alien spaceship center itself over Fortnite's map and begin its assault. The trailer features looks at some of the guest characters in Season 7, as we're afforded a brief glimpse at Clark Kent and Rick from Rick & Morty fame.

According to Epic, players will be teaming up with the Imagined Order to fight back against the aliens. Players will be able to use new weapons like the Recon Scanner, Rail Gun, Pulse Rifle, and the alien-tech Kymera Ray Gun. In addition, players can even hijack alien flying saucers and use them in battle. It seems that those flying saucers come with a fully functioning tractor beam as well, so we're guessing that there will be plenty of flying saucer clips making their way to the internet in due time.

Players will also be able to craft old weapons that were previously vaulted using nuts and bolts – Season 7's new crafting material. Assault Rifles can be transformed into Burst Assault Rifles, while Submachine Guns can become Rapid Fire SMGs and Shotguns can become Lever Action Shotguns. You'll even be able to make your own alien Kymera skin, assuming that you buy the Season 7 Battle Pass and level it up.

Speaking of the Season 7 Battle Pass, Epic is bringing Stars back for this season, which will allow you to choose the order in which you acquire your Battle Pass loot. You can learn more in the Battle Pass trailers embedded above, but otherwise, hop into Fortnite where the Season 7 patch is now live.