Fortnite Season 6 cinematic story video arrives: When and where to watch

Tomorrow is a big day for Fortnite players: the game's Chapter 2 – Season 6 will arrive, ushering in a new 'first' for the battle royale universe, as well as a number of changes. Things will be happening a bit differently tomorrow compared to past seasons, however, and though some questions remain, Epic has provided quite a few answers already.

The big seasonal event will, it seems, take place at the start of Season 6 rather than the end of Season 5, as has historically been the case. Players will individually experience the event — which will be Fortnite's first solo narrative experience — when they first login during the next season.

Though you'll be able to watch the cinematic story that goes with it at that time, you'll also have the opportunity to watch the event at the same time as everyone else tomorrow, March 16, at 4 AM EST. As promised, Epic will stream the event — and now that video is scheduled on YouTube, where anyone can turn on reminders.

Of course, that's a very early hour for many people, so if you're not interested in hopping on YouTube at 4 AM, you can simply wait to watch it when you log into the game after Season 6 has been installed. This will also kick off the unique playing experience.

We don't know what Epic has planned for Season 6 — the closest we've gotten to any sort of official detail is the teaser audio the company published yesterday on the Fortnite Twitter account. In that audio log, Agent Jones indicates that the Order has abandoned him and any attempt at saving Reality, forcing him to take matters into his own hands.