Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Pets And Skins Detailed

Fortnite season 6 launched earlier this morning, and along with it comes a brand new Battle Pass. The Battle Pass, of course, is an in-game purchase that unlocks a long list of challenges – completing them and leveling up your Battle Pass unlocks a host of new skins and other cosmetics. So, what's new in the Battle Pass for season 6?

As it turns out, there's quite a bit that's new, starting with a new type of cosmetic item that's appearing for the first time in season 6: pets. Pets are passive creatures that hang out on your back and accompany you on your quest for as many wins as possible. They'll even react to your encounters, so keep an eye out for special interactions as you play.

There are three pets in all being introduced in season 6, and they're all exclusive to the Battle Pass. There's Bonesy, a dog; Scales, a teeny tiny dragon; and Camo, a cute chameleon who happens to be my personal favorite. Each pet is available in a variety of different color schemes, and if you want them all, you'll need to work your way all the way up to Battle Pass tier 98, which isn't exactly an easy feat.

When you purchase the Battle Pass, you'll immediately gain two of season 6's skins: Calamity and DJ Yonder, which were two skins that featured in Epic's teasers for season 6. Calamity is a progressive skin, which means that you'll be able to unlock new components to it as you play through the season.

Add to that a collection of Halloween-themed gliders, pickaxes, back blings, and sprays, and we've got quite the Battle Pass on our hands. The addition of pets will probably be particularly exciting for the Battle Pass faithful, and we're definitely interested in seeing the new pets Epic rolls out in future seasons. You can check the official Fortnite website to see what's included in each tier of the season 6 Battle Pass, and head down to the comments section to tell us what your favorite skin of the season is.