Fortnite Season 5 competitive events detailed: FNCS, LTMs, and bragging rights

Epic has published its plans for Fortnite competitive in 2021 starting with its current fifth season of the game's second chapter. The company has a bunch of tournaments in the pipeline, including ones offering cash and others offering bragging rights. Players can expect regular competitive events throughout the season, with most of them taking place on Mondays and Fridays.

Kicking things off will be Fortnite Friday Nite Bragging Rights tournaments scheduled to kick off on January 8 and continuing on 'most' Fridays for the rest of season five. As the name suggests, these tournaments are exclusively for bragging rights — specifically, winners from each event will get special shoutouts on the Fortnite Competitive Twitter account.

Joining the Bragging Rights tournaments will be Battle Royale Cash Cup events on Mondays. These are, according to Epic, based on a model similar to the one we saw with the Contender Cash Cup events and they, too, will be cross-platform with cash prizes. You'll need to have a Champion League rank in Arena to participate.

Building on those two types of events will be various Limited Time Mode tournaments, ones that will 'work like' the Wild Wednesday events from season four. Players can expect a variety of formats and modes during this season's LTM tournaments, with most taking place on alternating Mondays.

As well, Epic notes that its FNCS will kick off on February 4 with more details coming soon. If you're interested in participating or watching the events, you can head over to Epic's Fortnite Competitive schedule to see upcoming tournaments, dates and times, and more.