Fortnite Red vs Blue weekend arrives: What players need to know

Today kicks off Fortnite's Red vs Blue weekend, a three-day event that will revolve around multiple team deathmatch-style game modes, including Red vs Blue Rumble, Advanced, and XS. The limited-time mode will be joined by an Item Shop refresh that brings out Team Red and Team Blue items for players who want to represent their favorite team.

If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, you may be familiar with the Red vs Blue Creative modes — they make their way into the game selection screen every so often and remain popular with players. As the name suggests, the game mode simply revolves around splitting players into two teams, one that is Red and the other Blue.

Though you're assigned a team when you join a match, these maps generally allow you to switch to the opposite team if you prefer. Players choose a loadout of weapons based on what the map offers, then build against and fight the other team in a large open arena.

Epic is highlighting three Red vs Blue maps in particular for its weekend event: Red vs Blue Rumble, RED VS BLUE ADVANCED, and RED VS BLUE (XS). The first of the three maps are designed for fast-paced battles, offering a variety of powerful weapons from the start and infinite respawning.

The Advanced mode is for players who want more of a challenge — you have to gather weapons, for example, rather than choosing from a convenient selection of vending machines at the start. Finally, the XS map is a close-quarter map that requires a tight strategy; this mode has infinite respawn and key weapons at the start.

Head over to Epic's blog to get the codes for each of these Creative maps. The Red vs Blue items will be available in the Item Shop starting today through May 2.