Fortnite Predator crossover gets more interesting with Xenomorph tease

Epic added a Predator skin to its battle royale game a few weeks ago, allowing players to battle it out as one of the universe's more fearsome hunters. Now, at least based on a new leak and a teaser, it seems that crossover will get a bit more interesting with the potential addition of a Xenomorph skin from the movie franchise Alien.

We've known for a few days now that Epic has another crossover skin in the pipeline — game data miners recently found code referring to an extra-large skin, which was previously used for Thanos during that seemingly ancient crossover. Gamers have speculated that Thanos may return, but that may not actually be the case.

There's a good reason to think a Xenomorph is heading to Fortnite. The game's official Twitter account recently shared another audio transmission in which Agent Jonesy says he's on a 'very normal spaceship,' one that happens to be 'running on tech that seems to be from 1986.'

That's the year Aliens, the second movie in the franchise, was released. Epic has previously revealed upcoming crossovers using this kind of hint — and in case it was still too ambiguous, Agent Jonesy mentions a burn in his chest, one that may be heartburn but that clearly hints at a Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph skin is expected to be large and come with a built-in emote, likely one involving its secondary jaw that pops out, exposing a smaller jaw with razor-sharp teeth. It's unclear when the skin will drop, but based on Epic's tweeted audio, it'll be any day now.