Fortnite posters and new leaks hint at Travis Scott in-game concert

It appears that Epic Games is planning another Fortnite in-game concert, at least based on some posters that have appeared on the battle royale island, as well as a new batch of leaks. The news follows the recent discovery of an in-game event codenamed 'Jerky,' which was noted as an addition to the same playlist used for the previous Marshmello in-game concert.

Following a leak that indicated as much, a new series of posters have appeared on the Fortnite island, ones with dark grounds and a music symbol. It was unclear what these posters hint at, but new leaks claim that Epic is likely planning a Travis Scott in-game concert, one that will involve 'Astroworld' located high in the sky.

Astroworld is the name of an album from Travis Scott; as well, data-miners previously found game files associated with the music artist, which were later removed by Epic. The new posters that have appeared in Fortnite feature what appears to be the Sweaty Sands destination, as well as hints about something involving music.

The posters indicate that some sort of music event will be taking place in Sweaty Sands, something that increasingly looks like a Travis Scott collaboration. Players have noticed that there's something tiny, purple, and glowing in the game's sky, something leakers claimed in a pair of tweets is an 'Astroworld' bubble that is slowly descending to the island.

The latest leak is said to include decrypted audio, which sounds like Highest in the Room from Travis Scott. Though a new in-game concert hasn't yet been confirmed, the evidence of a new collaboration is close to overwhelming. The discovery follows a recent announcement from Epic about its plans to delay the release of Season 3 until early June.