Fortnite players have donated an insane amount of gold to the War Effort

Fortnite players were apparently not too keen on the Rift-to-Go item, but they have successfully funded the return of another classic item: the Shockwave Launcher. The item was achieved by donating gold bars in donation boxes placed around the battle royale island, ones that have, the company recently revealed, raked in a huge number of gold bars.

Following the big Sky Fire event, Fortnite players are now faced with the impending War Effort. Part of this mission is Donation Boards, which have appeared in various locations around the island. These boards present a potential item to bring back to the island, as well as a donation box similar to the ones you'd find in real life.

Players who want to bring back a particular item for the War Effort can donate 50 gold bars and get mini shields in return. The donations were used to bring turrets to the island, and most recently players were asked to make a decision: should Epic bring back the Rift-to-Go or the Shockwave Launcher? Four million gold bars later and the decision was revealed.

Players chose the Shockwave Launcher rather than the Rift-to-Go, a decision that will hopefully pay off later this season. Amid its announcement, Epic also revealed another detail: Fortnite players have so far donated more than 15.3 billion gold bars toward the War Effort.

That is a massive quantity of gold bars for a season that is only a couple of weeks underway, underscoring just how many gamers continue to play the battle royale game and how engaged they are with the wider storyline. Additional donation options will be made available, though it's hard to guess what the season's total donations will amount to.