Fortnite players find two tricky bugs that eliminate fall damage

If you're looking for a new Fortnite bug to exploit as part of your game strategy, good news: players have discovered two different ways to avoid taking fall damage, assuming you go through the steps necessary to trigger the bugs. One involves simply running through a bush, whereas the second requires the use of a zipline. Both have one big thing in common, however — you can't jump or else you'll die.

Bugs in Fortnite come in two varieties: the kind that completely ruins the game or the kind that makes it potentially easier to survive. The new fall damage exploits fall in the latter category, enabling players to avoid taking fall damage when they fall from a great height.

Both bugs come with one requirement — the player can't jump after executing the maneuver, otherwise, the invincibility is canceled and fall damage will happen as expected. The first bug, which was recently found by popular streamer Nickmercs, merely requires the player to run through a bush. As long as they don't jump after exiting, they won't take fall damage.

The second exploit has the same effect but is only slightly more difficult to pull off. Using it, players must first ride a zipline, then jump from the zipline into a body of water. Assuming they land in the body of water, they can then exit and will remain invincible to fall damage as long as they don't jump at any point.

Another no fall damage strat from r/FortniteCompetitive

The video above shows a demonstration of both of these exploits, but it appears to be a one-time thing. The player won't take fall damage the first time they fall after performing the exploit, but they will take fall damage at any point after that.