Fortnite player finds clever trick to make Shield Bubble portable

The Fortnite version 10.20 update added a new in-game item called the Shield Bubble, which resembles a grenade, but offers protection instead of damage. The Shield Bubble is meant to be thrown on the ground, where it creates a large protective dome that stays in place. Players quickly noted that it's possible to throw these items on the bush and mech suits to make them portable, but another trick has surfaced that lets anyone wield a portable shield.

For those who are still somehow unfamiliar, the Shield Bubble isn't a consumable, but rather than a throwable item that emits a large protective bubble. This shield is meant to be thrown on a structure or the ground to protect one's self and teammates, but players found they could throw it on the BRUTE suits and then move around with them for portable protection.

There's one other 'suit' in the game: the lowly bush. As expected, the shield bubble can be stuck to the bush in the same way it can be stuck to the mech suit, but it requires a different player to throw it on the person wearing the bush. Fortnite player "Pengwinner03" has revealed a way to pull off the trick without any teammates to help.

Strat: Sticking a Shield Bubble to yourself (solo) from r/FortNiteBR

You'll still need to be wearing a bush, as demonstrated in the video above. You'll also need to build a wall, after which point you must throw the Shield Bubble onto one of the middle squares. The Shield Bubble sticks to the wall and emits the shield.

Once that happens, the player can edit the wall to remove the section where the shield is located, then walk through it. The suspended Shield Bubble transfers to the player, giving them a portable protective dome that follows them wherever they go.