Fortnite patch notes v9.41: Storm Scout Sniper Rifle and a birthday celebration

Like clockwork, Fortnite's weekly patch has dropped, and there are a couple of items being added to the game to celebrate Fortnite's second birthday. For those who aren't as interested in the festivities, never fear, as there's a new weapon for you to try out. This one in particular might be worth seeking out in your matches, because it offers what sounds like a very useful ability.

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is the name of this week's new weapon, and just as the name suggests, it allows you to get some advance intel on where the storm will move next. Looking down the scope will surface a weather map that shows upcoming storm circles before they're displayed on the in-game mini map.

While that might not be the most gamebreaking ability, it does give you more time to plan out of a course of action – a luxury other players may not have. The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle will drop in epic and legendary variants, dealing 81/85 standard damage and 202/212 headshot damage depending on rarity. With a rate of fire of 1.1 rounds per second and a reload speed of 2.84s/2.7s, you'll definitely want to make those shots count.

Joining the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle are Birthday Presents and Birthday Cake. Presents are legendary drops that can be opened to find loot, though Epic doesn't say what kind of loot you'll be able to find. Cakes, on the other hand, dot the map at various places of interest and restore 5 health and 5 shield when eaten.

While the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is going live with today's patch, Birthday Presents and Birthday Cake won't be available until July 25th. It's worth noting that Overtime Challenges for season 9 are now available too, so be sure to complete those while you've got the chance. For more on today's update, check out Epic's full patch notes over on the official Fortnite website.