Fortnite Patch Notes Introduce The New Chiller Trap

Fortnite received its usual week patch early this morning, and this one is quite a bit smaller than the one that was rolled out last week. Of course, last week's patch was a big one in part because Fortnite season 6 launched alongside it, so it makes sense that this week's is a little bit more content-light. We're still getting a new item today, so let's dive in and see what it does.

Today's new item is actually a new type of trap. Dubbed The Chiller, this trap will freeze the feet of anyone who walks over it, turning them into big blocks of ice and sending them sliding. In the short clip embedded below, you can see it used to great effect, as it sends an enemy sliding off a structure, presumably to their death but definitely to a place they'd rather not be.

The Chiller is a common trap, so expect to find it frequently as you explore Fortnite's map. It'll drop in stacks of three from chests, supply drops, vending machines, floor loot, and llamas, so anywhere you find loot, you've got a chance at picking up a few Chillers. Though they can be placed on floors, walls, or ceilings, it seems they'll give the icy feet debuff regardless of positioning.

Keep in mind that icy feet will also be applied to you and allies who walk near the trap, so pay special attention to placement in team games. It sounds like they'll at least be fun to play around with in Playground Mode, which is actually get a few updates of its own today. Once this patch is applied, you'll be able to tweak a number of different settings in Playground Mode, including starting health, gravity, and even time of day.

That's about it as far as additions go, though there are a few bug fixes and minor changes going live with today's patch. Be sure to check out Epic's full patch notes for all the details, and head down to the comments section to tell us what you think of the Chiller!