Fortnite patch notes detail Team Rumble LTM, new shotgun rarities

A new update has arrived for Fortnite, and as always, we have a new batch of patch notes to dive into. As teased earlier in the week, this update adds two new rarities for the Pump Shotgun, which has long been one of Fortnite's staple weapons. On top of that, we're also getting a new limited-time game mode that sounds more in-line with traditional deathmatches than it does battle royale.

First, the new Pump Shotguns. There's nothing too surprising here, as the new epic and legendary variants of the Pump Shotgun simply do more damage (105/110 maximum damage depending on rarity) than the more common variants. There are some changes coming to shotguns in general, though, as Epic says that all of them will now register at least three pellets worth of damage in scenarios where only one or two pellets actually hit the target.

Concerning the Pump Shotgun specifically, Epic says that it has adjusted maximum damage and damage drop off. Maximum damage for the common and rare Pump Shotguns has been increased to 95/100 respectively, which lines up nicely with the damage numbers for the new epic and legendary variants. While this is good news for those who love to roll with a Pump Shotgun by their side, keep in mind that damage drop off has been increased as well, so you'll have a harder time dealing damage to enemies that are far away.

The Team Rumble LTM is a fairly straightforward mode that pits two teams of 20 players against one another. In this mode, players respawn five seconds after they die with all of their inventory so they can get back into the fight quickly. Players also drop a random type of ammo and 120 wood, 90 stone, or 60 metal when killed, so be on the lookout for that loot. The first team to 100 eliminations wins, so the goal isn't to be the last team standing, but rather to rack up those kills.

There are, of course, a bunch of other miscellaneous changes coming along with today's patch, from the introduction of item gifting to a new event called the Alchemist Pop-Up Cup. In this tournament, each resource is capped at 500 and players will gain 50 health every time they eliminate someone else. For more on today's update, be sure have a quick read through Epic's full patch notes.