Fortnite Party Royale concert from Diplo revealed: How to watch

Epic has announced the latest concert heading to its "Party Royale" mode in Fortnite and it'll be presented by DJ Diplo, aka Thomas Wesley. The concert will be a live event that takes place on Thursday, a less convenient day than the weekends when Epic usually holds these big events. If you miss the live concert, don't worry: there will also be a 'rebroadcast' on Monday. Joining Diplo will be Young Thug and Noah Cyrus.

The concert will take place on the Party Royale Main Stage on Thursday, June 15, at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. If you can't watch on that day at that time, you'll have another chance to re-experience it on Monday, June 29, at noon ET / 9AM PT. This rebroadcast will also be featured on the Party Royale Main Stage.

Because this is a Party Royale event, you won't need any sort of 'RSVP' to participate in the concert. Epic says that players will be able to participate even if they show up after the concert starts, assuming you join at some point before it ends.

Ahead of the concert will come a refresh of the Item Shop that brings back some popular skins, as well as the Knee Slapper Emote and some other items ideal for a digital concert. These items will be available starting on Wednesday, June 24, at 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Of course, you don't need any particular skin or emote to participate.

As for Party Royale, it is the relatively new game mode that disables death and fighting, instead allowing players to participate in an island full of food shops, fun items like paint-throwers and plunger bows, as well as mini-games like ring drops and ATV races.