Fortnite 'Overtime Challenges' bug withholds reward, but don't panic

Fortnite players have less than three days left to complete the game's Overtime Challenges before they disappear. One of these challenges requires players to complete a Duos or Squads match in the battle royale game while playing with a friend, but players who complete this challenge aren't being rewarded for it. Epic has acknowledged the issue and says it will get a fix out soon.

The Overtime Challenges are a relatively new batch of challenges Epic introduced in its battle royale game to finish off Season 9. Players have been blessed with a huge number of challenges this season, making it possible to earn a bunch of in-game items on top of the Battle Pass tier rewards.

As of this point in time, the Overtime Challenges will only be live for another 2 days and around 8 hours. During this time, players must revive a friend in different matches, eliminate players using friend assist, damage opponents with shotguns, and other typical, relatively simple challenges. Completing all of these tasks will reward the player with 15,000 XP.

That battle royale XP will go a long way toward helping players earn Battle Stars; every 10 Battle Stars earned unlocks a new Battle Pass tier, bringing them closer to the coveted Tier 100 with the season's final skin. However, the 15,000 XP is only awarded if all of the Overtime Challenges register as complete, one of which isn't due to a bug.

The bug only seems to affect the 'Place Top 15 in Duos or Squads with a friend' challenge, which Epic says it will roll a fix out for ASAP. Once that fix arrives, players who have already completed that challenge should automatically see it marked as complete in their Overtime Challenges.