Fortnite Nexus War event is tomorrow: Everything you need to know

The big Fortnite Nexus War (Galactus event) will take place tomorrow, December 1, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, giving players the chance to participate in what may be the biggest season conclusion in the game's history. Epic has heavily teased that players will have a role in the battle that'll take place, but what else can you expect?

The Nexus War will be the conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 — including its big Marvel crossover, meaning there's only one day left to use the superpowers. Marvel universe supervillain Galactus has been making his way to the battle royale island for weeks; he resembled a bright star in the sky, though now he is quite substantial in size.

The game's Season 4 conclusion will take place with a big battle involving Galactus and his minions, as well as the Marvel superheroes and the game's players. Epic has teased that it will be giving players control of Battle Buses as part of this fight, as well as jetpacks and possibly special weapons.

This will be a milestone moment for the game, as Epic hasn't previously held events that let players participate in a battle. What will happen when Galactus lands? No idea. However, there is some indication that the event will include a time warp, one perhaps related to the big event that ushered in the new island. Some leaks have claimed that we'll see yet another island change tomorrow.

As with past events, you'll have to get signed into the game and in queue well before 4 PM ET, otherwise you may not be able to get into a match in time and will miss the event. If you're one of the people who won't be able to participate because of school or work, you'll be able to stream it through many different game streamers.

If you're a big Fortnite or Marvel fan, this would be a good event to join. All signs point toward the biggest and most interactive event in the game's history.