Fortnite login issues force Paradox's Platform Cup esports schedule change

Epic has just wrapped up a problem that had some players worried they'd been banned from Fortnite. Around 6:30 PM ET on Monday, Epic brought its Fortnite servers back online with a fix for the problem that was warning players they didn't have permission to play the game. Now we're seeing the fallout from this issue — Epic says that it has tweaked the schedule for some planned Competitive matches.

The issue specifically impacted Fortnite Competitive players in the EU, with Epic stating in a tweet post-fix that it is nulling the results from today's Paradox's Platform Cup in the region. This was due to the login errors players were seeing; others were kicked from matches during gameplay due to this bug, then presented with an error stating they didn't have permission to play.

Epic is amid its current Fortnite Competitive season, which enables the top players to compete with each other for fame and cash awards. Today marked the start of the Paradox's Platform Cup event, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, then again on September 21 – 22, and then once again from October 5 – 6. Things have changed as a result of this bug.

With today's Paradox's Platform Cup nixed, Fortnite players will need to redo these matches on Friday, September 18, to make up for the issue. Today's cup event in the NAE/NAW/BR has also been rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday, September 19. The announcement comes a few hours after Epic said that the Cash Cups timing for EU-region players will be moved from 6PM CEST to 9PM CEST henceforth.

What is the Paradox's Platform Cup? Players are split up into PC and Console groups, where they compete against other players on the same platforms. Players must have had a Contender League rank of Division I, II, or III or higher in the game's Arena mode before this match started today. The participants are allowed to play up to 10 games with around three hours for each region.