Fortnite leak suggests Lara Croft is its next big bounty hunter

Lara Croft, the tomb raider herself, may be the next bounty hunter pulled into the Fortnite universe, at least based on a recent leak. The claim is based on some recent code found in the game's data files, though Epic hasn't yet confirmed whether it is true. Croft would join other notable fictional characters who have arrived as Season 5 bounty hunters.

In case you've somehow missed the wider storyline in this Fortnite season, watch the seasonal trailer below. Put simply, Agent Jonesy ends up on a mission to enter different dimensions, finding bounty hunters to bring back to the Fortnite island. We knew who some of these bounty hunters would be at the start, but others have been a surprise.

The new leak comes from game data miner 'Mang0e,' who recently shared a couple of screenshots of game code referencing a new crossover/bounty hunter skin. The character is listed with the codename 'Typhoon' and will, according to the leak, be a female character that possibly includes 'reactive' styles. The hunter's island portal will allegedly have some variety of 'flicker.'

Fans are suggesting this will be a Lara Croft crossover, though, of course, Epic hasn't said as much. If that's the case, we can likely expect some Tomb Raider skins and cosmetics to appear in the game's Item Shop, as was the case with some other bounty hunters brought into the game.

We've already seen The Walking Dead's Michonne and Daryl arrive in the game as interdimensional bounty hunters. As well, Epic has brought in Master Chief from Halo and Kratos from God of War. Likewise, players can expect a Predator crossover and it seems likely the Terminator is inbound, too.